why-do-i-have-to-go-to-schoolThe other day I was volunteering at the local community center as part of an initiative by the ‘Singapore Kindness Movement’. We were trying to promote courtesy and kindness among 4-8 year old children through fun games. I absolutely enjoyed the activities and so did the kids. However what bothered me was the number of parents who did not think their kids had time for this little fun activity, as they were getting late for their math or mandarin tuitions. They were apologetic and the helplessness in their eyes had a story to tell.

It’s a story of insecurity that many parents go through. What if my child falls behind? What if my child does not get into the best school/university or a well paying job when she grows up?

Well, what if you actually did not need to worry about these things? What if there was a way to guarantee your child’s financial freedom when she grows up? Wouldn’t you in that case let your child pursue whatever makes her happy rather than force them into the confines of traditional thinking? The problem with our traditional thinking is that it does not teach us to be ‘Free-spirited’. It does not really encourage our children or even us to pursue the sources of real happiness. Ok, let me reword it…the system does encourage chasing dreams, but the dreams get pre-engineered outside the boundaries of our consciousness. There is a dis-proportionate emphasis on traditional or safe career paths. A lot of career decisions are made based on the promise of a ‘well-paying’ job. Trading one’s freedom to experiment and explore, with the ability to meet one’s growing credit card payments.

Sometimes it amazes me to see how little our education does, to make us smart about – MONEY. Something that Ayn Rand beautifully described as the ‘medium of exchange of one man’s talent and another man’s reason’. Money is something that I consider sacred. Not because of the nice things money can buy, but because it can be that source of invaluable “Freedom”. Imagine a world where many more people are totally free to explore, research, create, paint, sing, perform, innovate, play, teach, travel, write, invest, give back and discover their calling, just because they do not need to worry about their next pay-cheque. Wouldn’t that be a much better world?

Of course there is the downside of mindless consumerism money can lead to, when it is treated as an end in itself (will talk about this in a subsequent blog).

Financial well-being is often confused with consumption, often debt-fueled, and instant gratification. The good news is, it is very much possible to systematically practice and achieve financial well-being. We at moneywisesmart.com have taken it on us to help you do that. However this is not a get-rich-quick blog and neither there is any ‘early-bird’ offer. If I have to describe it, I would say it is a get-moneywise-smart-gradually-but-surely blog. We will be with you throughout the journey, sharing actionable steps, our own experiences and aha-moments along the way. You will start seeing amazing results if you make the commitment of time.  After all it is time that is the key ingredient of this ‘concept’ that you would have learnt in high-school math….and what Einstein described as the “eighth wonder of the world”.  If I could teach my 11 year-old son just one thing, it would be this concept. If he chooses to put this in proper practice, he would never have to work for anyone else in his life. You and your family can benefit too.