My name is Rupam and I am kinda ‘digital nomad’ who has now spent years trying to figure out a smart response to “What do you do?”.

Well, it did not start this way. There was a time long long ago when I used to be a teenager and like all other teenagers, I had completely figured out life. I knew EVERYTHING :-). It has been a steady downhill since then.

Work allowed us to live in many exotic places…the kind you read about in airline magazines. For a long time, I skilfully pretended that I was enjoying what I was doing. I was pretty good at it…not sure about the work, but definitely the pretending bit :-). I even got people to believe in me and somehow ended up climbing the corporate ladder quite fast. However, almost everything was screwed up in a big way.  For an extended period of time, the definition of ‘doing well’ was:

  • Accumulating air-miles and barely spending any meaningful time with my young family

  • Earning more money than one can keep one’s sensible eyes on….and in the process letting my ‘inner idiot’ make absolutely ridiculous investment decisions

  • Spending much much more than rationally justified…on utterly useless things…..and acquiring ‘LOTS OF STUFF’ in the process

  • Drinking alcohol almost every day… know, those nice wine labels which the ‘inner idiot’ could afford

  • Getting a sum total of ZERO exercise

  • Eating rubbish while traveling and even otherwise

  • Giving responses like “oh, budget is not a constraint” when asked by the travel agent planning our New Zealand holiday

  • Thinking that my private bankers were my best friends

  • Accepting my iPhone (previously blackberry) as my all-powerful master….being controlled by it’s ‘notifications’, every waking moment of my day

…….And aspiring to do even more of each of the above.

I was a hopeless ‘prisoner without parole’ of my fucked up lifestyle……my life was a ‘museum of instant gratification’… short, I was a FUCKING IDIOT!

This obviously needed to change…and I realized it will require a helluva lot of disciplined work and sacrifice over an extended period of time. Madhvee (my better half) helped me in this life-transforming realization. We decided to take back control of our lives and our freedom. MWS was born to help us in our journey….to chronicle our valuable learnings along the way.

Last few years have been the best part of our lives. We eventually understood that building long-term wealth is not achieved by the above….and money is not the only ingredient of true wealth. In fact, the absolute quantum of money (the number of zeros in one’s account statement) is actually a less important aspect of true wealth. How we think about health… we spend our time….how we choose people we hang out/associate with…how we think of investments (income vs capital)….what we spend our money on (experiences vs things)… we constantly educate and improve ourselves….how we give back….the value system we bring up our children with….how we treat our environment….all of these work hand in hand in creating real lasting wealth. The kind of wealth that lasts and grows across generations.

This is our ‘Why’.

This is why exists. We sincerely believe we can help many others, who are in similar situations as we have been. We plan to bring interesting content covering all the above and promise to add value to other people’s lives through the pages of this site.

I can be reached on for any comment, feedback, criticism or just a hello. We would love to hear from you. I promise to respond to every single message.

                                                                                                                                       …..To Freedom!

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